DeepSignal Threat Intelligence
Vulnerability Intelligence
According to the figures, %80 of IT incidents caused by system vulnerabilities. New security vulnerabilities are discovered and disclosed daily and it’s difficult to keep track of all the new threats. It’s important to have notice of new vulnerabilities. All organizations should have a systematic, reliable and effective vulnerability alert/management process. This process helps you cut costs and time , and improve your security. Software makers issue patches to plug these holes in security, but it’s a close race against the bad guys to control your information technology. What you need is to stay one step ahead! That’s where vulnerability intelligence comes in. If you have a potential security vulnerability, you need to know before the hackers do. DeepSignal is a web-based vulnerability intelligence, management and alert service that gives you a head start with security. Backed by the researchers at SignalSEC, DeepSignal will notify you as soon as we identify a possible threat—before it can be exploited. We’ll offer instant recommendations and solutions so you can stay protected.
SignalSEC researchers monitor public sources, private forums and updates from vendors 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. SignalSEC researchers also discover zero-day vulnerabilities in widely deployed applications.
Then, we analyze and verify what we’ve found to confirm that it’s a threat.
Based on what we’ve found, we’ll immediately investigate the best ways to eliminate the vulnerability.
In the blink of an eye, we’ll alert you to the threat so you can take control and keep your assets safe.
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