TRAPMINE Zero-Day Prevention
Stop Zero-Day & Targeted Attacks!
Trapmine is an endpoint security solution to protect organizations from Advanced Persistent Threat & Zero-Day attacks.
The modern threat landscape is extremely complex and attacks come in from multiple channels and vectors. The threat actors have different motivations such as cyber espionage, organized crime, sensitive information theft, economic espionage. The volume of sophistacted cyber attacks continues to rise and it makes more difficult for enterprises to stay ahead of the threats.
Traditional security solutions don't have enough protection capabilities against these complex cyber threats. Most of the endpoint security solutions are based on signature detection technology which limits their protection capabilities to zero-day and private exploits. Trying to identify exploits is useless. Any exploit (zero-day or public) is based on well-known exploitation techniques. Trapmine doesn't try to identify and detect exploit, our solution focuses on attack vectors and blocking exploitation of your applications. With Trapmine, we simply block all attack vectors instead of identifying attacks. Therefore, Trapmine prevents exploits from succeeding.
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